My Autobiography

It was the cold freezing night of November 25, 2001 in Marabulig 2, Cauayan City Isabela when my mom gave birth to her first born son. My parents were Luzviminda Maluyo and Marlon Maluyo. She was 26 at that time and my father was 29. I am the second child and their first born was a girl. After 5 years in June 2006 my mom gave birth to her second born son. My sister was named Maribeth, my little brother was named Marvin Josh and I am named Mark Louie.

My early childhood was a typical rural environment. We were surrounded by rice fields and rivers. My dad and my mom are farmers. I had a happy, normal childhood. Unlike now, social media , smartphones and online entertainment were not a thing back then. You might think that it is boring, but no. It has been the best thing that has ever happened to me as a kid. I have met my very best friend who i played with all day under the sun, under the rain, and under the moon. I remember taking a bath at the river with my friends and sometimes just at the rice fields. Being a child was very fun.

When I turned 6, I started attending kindergarten. It was really scary at first. I remember crying when my mom left me in a room full of different new faces but I got used to it. After a year I graduated with an honor, not just an honor but I Graduated with a second honor. After that I attended elementary school. It’s a bigger school so it has more students. It was terrifying at first but I got used to it. In my elementary days I met people that became friends up until now. Fun fact: I was also really really good at memorizing scripts or any type of articles back then. I remember when I was in 5th grade, there was this event in the school called “Buwan ng Wika” and I recall joining in. Specifically in Talumpati or Speech. I memorize this 5 page speech or I think more than that and I perform in front of hundreds of people. When I was in 6th grade my mom left for work in Hong Kong so she wasn’t able to attend my graduation. My aunt Gladys walked me instead. I graduated in April of 2014.

June of 2014 I went to highschool. This is where the competition started to get intense. In these years of highschool what matters most is the ranks and high grades. Other things include fame, wealth and attractiveness. I am also in highschool when smartphones and social media like facebook are starting to emerge. Most of my friends from elementary school drifted away to other schools but some stayed and I met many more people that turned out to be my friends up until now. I graduated 10th grade in 2017 with honors and I stayed in the same school for grade 11 and 12. I had no phone in the first half of my grade 11 and it was no fun. I am just using a laptop. The most important and unforgettable thing that happened to me was when I was in my last year of high school. I compete for English feature writing in my school and I won first place. They sent me to division level and I competed with different schools and unexpectedly I got first place. This is my first time joining this type of competition and i didnt expect to get first place. I was so happy for that award. Because of that I was sent to Nueva Vizcaya to represent SDO Cauayan City in the field of English Feature writing but unfortunately my luck didn’t go so well but still it was a very fun experience. A not so fun experience though is graduating online. We graduated in March 2020 and because of the pandemic we didn’t have the chance to walk with our graduation gown, we instead watched ourselves flash on our screens.

First Year of college has started. Everything is different now from high school. Ranks don’t really matter now as long as you are passed. In my first year I had a total of 17 subjects and I passed all of them. In my second year of college, I have a total of 16 subjects and the same as last year I passed all of them. I was so happy that I had no problems with my grades because I thought that online class was no fun at all. Some may say that it is OK because you can cheat in all of your school work without your instructors knowing but it is not. Well, you can do that freely but the problem there is the learning. It is very hard to learn things online especially when there are tons of distractions. Maybe I was just lucky to be one of those people who can focus on the right track. Another no fun thing to do in online class is PE. I can’t stand taking a video of myself doing different kinds of exercise and then sending to a group chat where not only your teacher can watch but everyone. It’s embarrassing, at least for me. Now I am currently enrolled for mid year and taking 2 classes for 6 weeks.

Another exciting thing that happened to me during my late teens is when I earned my first hundred thousand doing youtube. I love editing videos and I love making them. I got a realization back then and asked myself “Why not upload on Youtube?” and that’s what I did. Summer of 2018 after my 11th grade I started a youtube channel. I uploaded vlogs and videos of myself regularly every week. When grade 12 started, that schedule changed because of how busy I am. I cannot make videos because I’m doing homeworks and projects. Then I decided to compile videos from tiktok and then it attracted the eye of a lot of people. Hundreds and thousands of people started watching my videos. After a couple of months I got monetized. I also did manage to get over 10,000 subscribers which made me really really happy at that time. I opened my own bank account and then all my earnings started to get into my account. In November of 2020 I invested half of my earned money on an iphone 11. That is my biggest investment so far. Sadly my channel got demonetized after a few months which means i stopped earning off of youtube. That stresses me out but i told myself that it is just part of the process and I just let it go. I focused more on my studies because I was in my first year in college at that time. That was a fun experience for me.

I am 20 years old now and an incoming 3rd year student, still living with my parents. My mom is abroad, still working and my dad is here and still a farmer. My older sister is 25 years old now and is going to be 26 in August and she already graduated from college. My little brother is 16 years old and he just graduated from grade 10 and will be in 11th grade next school year. My life has been a roller coaster these past few years. There are a lot of ups and downs, lefts and rights and I am very grateful for being here alive and and still surviving. I will never stop moving until I reach my goal and find the purpose of my beautiful life.



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